San Diego Unified School District Project Labor Agreement

Most of the elected boards of directors of K-12 municipal school districts in California gave up long ago, giving construction unions a monopoly on contract workers for the construction of their schools. The Long Beach Unified School District had not joined them for any reason. But tonight (22 January 2020), unions will receive their costly and discriminatory price. However, the San Diego County Building Union argues that the agreements can ensure continuity and cost savings for construction projects. In a presentation to the Vista Unified School District, the union explained that project employment contracts offer jobs for local work and keep projects on track. However, recently, the San Diego area has become a petri dish of the vitriol of ideological extremists to undermine our values under the guise of „fair and open competition.“ These measures are regulatory prohibitions on project employment contracts (PLA), which wrongly prohibit a public authority from considering an PLA, even if taxpayers achieve returns similar to those of the private sector. These bans have been proposed in the cities of San Diego, Escondido and El Cajon. San Diego, Calif. — In documents obtained by the San Diego Unified School District`s Department of Facilities, the construction industry found that the district`s Purely Union Projects (PSA) Stabilization Agreement for construction projects funded by the $2.1 billion S loan measure was a dismentable failure. The document, prepared at the request of the company commissioned by the district to „carry out a study on the effects and effects of the project stability agreement“, covers the results of the tender for all construction projects that have used Proposal S funds since its launch in 2009.

Few people know what a PLA is. Simply put, a PLA is a pre-lease agreement containing the working conditions of a construction project. By planning staffing needs, it is a tool to save taxpayers` money and ensure that a project is implemented on time and within budget. ASAs are often a way to reinvest in the community by creating local jobs, apprenticeships and increased safety during construction. EPAs also have access to career paths for San Diego veterans through programs such as „Helmets to Hardhats“ and „Veterans in Pipefitting.“ PDOs can therefore be a win-win solution to meet the needs of taxpayers and the community. „When it comes to costs, we try to tell school districts and the airport that it will cost more money, but homeowners and public authorities don`t want to listen,“ said Brad Barnum, executive vice president of San Diego Associate General Contractors. The board will decide on the agreement at its meeting on Thursday, September 12, when it considers whether the contract will help them meet construction deadlines and budgets. Other San Diego authorities, including the San Diego Unified School District and the San Diego Aviation Authority, have adopted and entered into project employment contracts for their upgrades, which allow for efficient construction programs and minimize delays. For too long, the Associated General Contractors and the San Diego & Imperial Counties Labor Council, as well as affiliated unions, have abandoned blacks with discriminatory hiring and recruiting practices.

We already know the 400-year history of how America abandoned blacks. Inequalities within the construction sector persist and continue to worsen. While black Americans make up more than 13 percent of the population, less than 4 percent of construction companies are black-owned, and these companies earn less than 1 percent of construction revenue. Contrary to the false claims of opponents, a State Senate bill does not require or encourage any public authority to use AOPs for public projects….