Rhb Bank Loan Agreement

unless the market practices in the Singapore interbank market differ for a currency, in which case the quotation date of that currency shall be set by the bank in accordance with singapore interbank market practices (and where the prices of that currency and that period are normally issued by leading banks on the Singapore interbank market or on the London interbank market), more than one day, quotation day is the last of these days). `fund costs` means the reference rate set by the bank in respect of portfolio financing. The benchmark rate is set by the Bank taking into account a variety of factors, including but not limited to prevailing market conditions, the Bank`s internal financing costs, interbank rates and other factors. `security` means a hypothec, office, hypothec, pledge, right of pledge or other right of safeguard which secures an obligation of a person or of another agreement or agreement having a similar effect; „Regulatory Requirements“ means any regulation, rule, official directive, administrative request, circular, note, requirements, injunctions, rules, decisions, code of conduct or directives (in any case, whether or not they have the force of law) of a governmental organization, authority, division, tax office, other authority or organization in a jurisdiction and/or other persons or entities having authority or the Bank has jurisdiction with respect to the how it may be edited from time to time (including, but not limited to, all anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing requirements, state requirements, sanctions or exchange controls. `security document` means the guarantee, the main security contract and any other document or instrument executed or performed in accordance with this Agreement, which is expressed to secure payment of the amount of the loan or part thereof, as well as any modification, modification and/or addition to it (the term including, if the context permits, one or more of these documents or instruments) and „security document“ means one of the securities documents; „facility“ means the portfolio financing provided by the bank to the borrower under the terms of the agreement; „interest rate period“ means any interest rate period determined in accordance with the Ease Of Approach Letter. `eligible assets` means interest or cash, units of funds, trusts, collective investment schemes, life insurance, shares, shares, warrants, bonds, debt securities, certificates of deposit, bonds, market-related structured investment products or strategies to facilitate, inter alia, tailor-made risk return targets, including, but not limited to, structured bonds, structured funds and other alternative investment instruments Guarantee securities and other securities of any kind held with the bank (whether in Singapore dollars or any other foreign currency) that are acceptable from time to time to the bank and that are offered by the borrower or a relevant debtor of the bank as collateral for the facility under the Master Security Agreement, and these eligible warranties include (without restriction) all distributions. The list of eligible assets is available on the Bank`s website under www.rhbgroup.com.sg. „authorization“ means (a) an authorization, consent, authorization, decision, licence, exemption, deposit, certificate, deposit or registration; or (b) with respect to anything that is whoin whole or partly prohibited or limited by law or regulation, where a governmental authority intervenes or acts within a specified period after submission, submission, registration or notification, the expiration of that period without intervention or action. „Transactional Documents“: the agreement, the portfolio financing application form, the Facility Approval Letter, the security documents and any other document that the bank and the borrower agree to are from time to time referred to as the transactional document. .

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