Benteler Supplier Quality Agreement

Ensuring effective communication and cooperation with our suppliers is one of our top priorities. For our success, we rely on our competence and excellence. In close collaboration with our international customers, we develop tailor-made ideas and solutions. This is underpinned by a constant exchange between global purchasing, our divisions and suppliers. In this way, we ensure that our customers can count on our products and services. Our suppliers must all meet the following minimum requirements:. „I am happy to support you and accompany you to the entrance of BENTELER.“ Asset De-/Recognition Compliant with IFRS and US GAAP according to Big 4 Audit firms Long-term financing that does not depend on an assortment of clients or the CP market All costs are calculated in the price of materials Division: BENTELER Automotive Functional area: procurement Career level: Professional Type of contract: Permanent/full-time working time Weekly working time: 40.00 Required languages: English; Spanish requirement identifier: 8189 Traditional asset-backed finance covers claims on deliveries and services by factoring or leasing. BTI`s existing purchasing models can be integrated in addition to these solutions, as they do not require goods to be invoiced to a customer. Short-term financing solely due to customer uncertainty and insurance availability Pressure from the regulatory authority to disclose these agreements following recent high-level bankruptcies Hidden recourse to sellers by debt approval criteria.

The same goes for our BENTELER Automotive business. This creates smart solutions for the automotive world – and here, as partners, we answer key questions like safety, the environment and efficiency for almost every major car manufacturer. Whether it is the body, chassis or engine, with the products, materials and technologies we develop and produce, we are constantly setting new standards. Inventiveness that makes sure you can be and become anything. Or, as we like to say, BENTELER makes it possible!. Pick Up Requirements Manual (1) – BENTELER AUTOMOTIVE The BENTELER Group always has the answer. Indeed, in each of our business sectors and at each of our sites, you benefit from the size and diversity of an international group of around 30,000 colleagues in nearly 30 countries. Transport label specifications – BENTELER Automotive Marta Ibañez De Aldecoa García-Quintana BENTELER Human Resources Phone: +34 94 747-7185 Appendix to the shipping instructions – Order sheet Shipping inTime Shipping Conditions of purchase of BENTELER Maschinenbau GmbH If IFRS 16 changes are carried forward by balance Rental contracts are now included in the rating agency and analyst ratings` ratings and analysts Shipping instructions – BENTELER Steel/Tube and BENTELER Rothrist AG At BENTELER, we make this possible….