1098-T Consent Agreement

Log in to CUNYfirst Self Service < Campus Finances < View 1098-T and select Grant Consent. If you agree to receive an electronic form 1098-T, you will not receive a paper form by mail. Students who do not choose the electronic option will receive a paper form 1098-T at the mailing address indicated on the CUNYfirst self-service service. ELECTRONIC STUDENT CONSENT: Students register for the Hub, choose My Form 1098-T and give the "Give Electronic Consent" option in the Taxation section. On the new Hub, click Tax Information, select 1098, select Consent, SAVE. You have until January 11 to give your consent. You will automatically receive a Form 1098-T by email if you do not wish to register. Students who choose to refuse to give their electronic consent will receive no later than 31 A paper IRS Form 1098-T is sent to their home address (or to the address registered with the Registrar) on January 1 of each year in which they are entitled to obtain the form. You cannot revoke this consent online. To obtain your Form 1098-T at your mailing address, you must revoke the consent of Electronic Form 1098-T. Go to your university 1098-T representative for information on revoking consent.

Educational institutions, insurers and lenders may offer the option to accept the electronic receipt of Form 1098-E as part of a „Consent To Do Business Electronically“ that combines consent to electronic distribution of Form 1098-E with other institutional student business functions, such as admission, registration, billing and direct deposits. To encourage paperless incentives, CUNY offers all students an electronic form 1098-T. If you agree to receive an electronic form, you can view, print, save, and email the form when the form is created. 1098-T returns are available on January 31 for the previous fiscal year or before January 31. A notification is sent to each student when the form is provided. The overall consent process must meet all consent, disclosure, format, notification and access time requirements for the electronic availability of Forms 1098-E in accordance with the applicable rules. For more information on the requirements for providing a return for each student, see Part M of the General Instructions for Certain Feedback 2021. NOTE: Students can withdraw 1098-T electronic consent for themselves or their proxies at any time on the hub.

Access your 1098-T by selecting the „View 1098-T“ link from the drop-down menu in the „Finance“ section of your Student Center: The Business Office notifies authorized students in January, when IRS 1098-T snippets are available on the hub. At that time, students can download a copy of the form. In many cases, a parent or legal guardian who claims you as dependent on their tax return needs a copy of this form. The $600 threshold applies to each borrower, regardless of the number of student loans received by that borrower. You can, however, file a separate Form 1098-E for each borrower`s student loan, or you can file a Form 1098-E for interest on all of the borrower`s student loans. An eligible educational institution is a higher, academic, vocational or other post-secondary educational institution, described in section 481 of the Higher Education Act 1965 in the Act of 5 August 1997 and authorized to participate in the student support programs of the Ministry of Education. These include most accredited public, non-profit and private institutions. To facilitate reporting requirements, copies B and C of Forms 1098-E and 1098-T can be completed online in a PDF format available in IRS.gov/Form1098E or IRS.gov/Form1098T.

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