Unified Access Service License Agreement India

2011: The government introduced mobile phone number (MNP) portability, which exacerbated competition in the telecommunications market. Under the NPM, a mobile operator can use the services of another operator, while maintaining the same mobile phone number. In the past, the change of mobile phone number was the biggest deterrent to switching providers, which was removed with the MNP system. 41.19 The policyholder insures/implements: (i) services include the collection, transport, transfer and transmission of voice and/or non-vocal messages via the licensee`s network in the specified watershed and include the provision of all types of access services. An ISP can also provide Internet telephony, Internet and broadband services. If necessary, the access service provider may use the network of an NLD/ILD service licensee. 36.1 The licensee/TRAI can also perform all performance tests required to verify the quality of service (QoS) if desired. The licensee must make available to the licensee/TRAI test part all the necessary literature, drawings, etc. on the equipment installed and make available to the licensee/TRAI control partner all the tools, control instruments and other accessories necessary to carry out the tests. The list of performance tests is decided by the licensee to the licensee one month before the commissioning date.

If the donor decides to perform performance tests and the licensee has a deficiency, the delay in correcting the defects is, if any, solely attributable to the taker. (vii) Violations of the deeds/licences/licences/authorizations by the licensee/cable operator/broadcaster are dealt with by the notified bodies responsible for the management of these acts/licences/registrations/authorizations. 1998: Internet services were launched in 1995 by Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL). In November 1998, the government opened it up to the private sector. (vi) Violation, revocation and abandonment of the 3G range: the allocation of 3G frequencies may be revoked, modified, amended or transferred in accordance with applicable licensing conditions or other applicable laws, regulations, regulations or other applicable legal provisions. The allocation of 3G frequency may also be revoked if the licensee finds that the frequency spectrum user is seriously violating one of the conditions for awarding the radio spectrum (including compliance with auction rules) and the obligations that flow from them. In the event of a less serious infringement, the licensee may, at its sole discretion, impose sanctions. The seriousness of the infringement is determined by the licensee at its sole discretion.

The licensee can provide 3G spectrum by communicating at least 60 (60) calendar days in advance. In this case, it also informs all its customers of the resulting withdrawal of services, depriving each of them of 30 (30) calendar days. The taker bears all the costs that he must pay until the date the 3G spectrum is handed over.