The Agreement By Abigail Kusuma

Finally, new funding for GPG should be identified. Contributions could come mainly from governments, but philanthropic contributions from private sources could also play an important role. Like the UN system, national contributions could be based on ability to pay and regularly updated, calculated by assessing objective indicators such as GDP per capita, disease burden, existing contributions to GPG or other factors. Another approach is Love`s proposal for a World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement on the financing of public goods, designed to strengthen the credibility of governments` commitments to GMP financing by linking them to the WTO dispute settlement system (Love, Reference Love2016). Your email address is used to notify you if your comment has been verified by the moderator and the article author or moderator should contact you directly. Full-text calls reflect PDF downloads, PDFs sent to Google Drive, Dropbox and Kindle, and full-text HTML views. To send this article to your Kindle, be sure to add to your email list for approved personal documents on the „Manage Content and Devices“ page of your Amazon account. Then enter the „name“ of your Kindle email address below. Learn more about sending to your Kindle. Learn more about sending to your Kindle.

Georgetown University Center for Security and Emerging Technology Note that you can select, send the „“ or „“ variants. `` emails are free, but can only be sent to your device if it is connected to Wi-Fi. Emails with the can be sent even if you are not connected to Wi-Fi, but note that service charges are incurred. (b) While physical drugs or vaccines in a stockpile are private assets, both competitive and exclusive, the risk reduction and additional security afforded to the international community from a stockpile can be considered GPG, especially if all countries can reasonably expect to benefit if they are the first to be affected by a pandemic. Some stocks already exist, such as WHO vaccine stockpiles for cholera, yellow fever and meningitis, but they do not exist for many other products that are important for the response to the epidemic. In addition, a decision-making process on priority missing GPG would be required, as the category includes a wide range of activities. In theory, it is difficult to determine an optimal level of supply of public goods (Sandler, 2003) and the demand for certain GPGs, such as . B new knowledge, could be infinite. How should the global community prioritize GPGs? One possibility is that such priorities will be decided through political discussions at the World Health Assembly, including, but not only, GPGgs provided by WHO. A link to this current political process would necessity new, heavier structures. An estimate of all funding needs could then follow. Another option would be to condition a formal spending and priority decision function on a minimum contribution from countries to encourage sustainable funding.

Further analysis on how to prioritize GPG would be valuable. Over the past decade, many developing countries have experienced strong economic growth, allowing some to meet the basic needs of their people without relying on external financing.