Stamp Duty On Agreement In Punjab

e-Stamping (a form of e-challan) is the automated online supply of stamp paper for the State of Punjab, a project of the Board of Revenue and Punjab Information Board (in partnership with the Bank of Punjab). (a) evaluation or evaluation only for information of a party that is not required between the parties by agreement or application of the law. 3. Mandatory instruments. 3A. [repealed.] 4. Several instruments used in the individual transaction of the sale, mortgage or liquidation. 5) instruments dealing with several different issues. 6) instruments in Appendix I. 7 in several descriptions. Marine insurance policies. 8.

Bonds, debt or other securities issued with loans under Act XI of 1879. 8A. Securities that are made in the custodian and are not subject to stamp duty. 8B. Non-taxable corporatization and demutualization systems and related instruments. 8C. Negotiable storage parts that are not subject to customs duties. 9. Power to reduce, transfer or link tariffs.

The contract of engagement or the service agreement refers to THE CONVENTION (point 5). One and a half times the recovery of a mortgage with the property [No. 40 a)] for an amount equal to the nominal amount of the shares indicated in the warrant. Stamp documents have different stamp values and any type of document/document must be executed on stamp paper of a specified value, depending on the type of document, location (state) and/or value of the transaction/property, in order to make this document enforceable and enforceable in court. To calculate the value of the required stamp paper, offers a stamp duty calculator that acts as a stamp duty guide that calculates stamp duty payable on rent and rental of real estate in Punjab or elsewhere in India. With our „Create a Rental Document“ service, you can create your own custom rental contract from anywhere in India. (c) if a final order to obtain a division or arbitral award from a tax authority or civil court or an arbitral award presiding over a division is subsequently executed for a party required for part of an arbitration decision, the tax on that instrument must not exceed two rupees. the irreproachable debt securities issued by a corporation or other entity within the meaning of a registered mortgage security, duly recorded on the full amount of the bonds issued there, the company or entity lending loans that make all or part of its assets or agents in favour of the debt holders; bonds issued in this way within the meaning of that mortgage debt. The same obligation as a loan (No.

15) for the amount of the debt or value, as specified in the release. E-stamp was purchased for registration in Punjab, but the registration fee plates were reduced. Thus, the same stamp cannot be used. At the same time, the official communiqué is still issued by Le Punjab Govt. Therefore, stamp papers must be refunded, please say if I bought the stamp papers above in May 2017, what is the refund procedure – maximum until I can request a refund. (b) are marketable securities, whether or not the bonds are taxable, unless provided for in Section 8; Suppose Satvir Singh bought an apartment in Ludhiana for Rs 50 Lakhs. Singh later realized that the value of the property, according to the flyers, was only Rs 40 Lakhs. Since the reported value of the property on the Rs sales station is 50 Lakhs, Singh will pay 7% of the Rs 50 Lakhs as a stamp duty and an additional 1% as registration fee.