Salary Limitation On Grants Cooperative Agreements And Contracts

Brown will meet all salary caps for sponsors that would provide rewards to the university to support research or other activities. When an agency sets a maximum rate for which a person can be paid on that agency`s resources, Brown ensures that a salary above that rate is not burdened by the grant, contract or cooperation agreement issued by that agency. Salary that goes beyond the nih salary cap is considered a mandatory cost-sharing and should be determined during the bonus proposal phase. See the release of costs for sponsored projects (300.0). Reason for disclosure: This notice contains information on the salary caps imposed for the 2020 financial year for candidates, fellows and contractors of the Agency for Research and Quality of Health (AHRQ). Subawards: Subawards, which are awarded to the University of Washington in St. Louis (WashU) by another institution/institution that has received a major nih grant, cooperation agreement or contact (i.e. extensive subcontracting), remain subject to salary cap guidelines. The application of the Phase II caps is based on the initial premium date.

You can view the details of the calculation by opening the „Salary Cap Detail: How Salary cap amount and % effort are derived“ at the bottom of the online FEC. The department should confirm that there is no change in salary (for example. B salary transfers) or that it is necessary to maintain an earlier cap due to budgetary or sponsorship constraints. When preparing the fee allowance, the monthly salary charged to an NIH bonus during the academic year and/or summer must not exceed the monthly nih-cap rate multiplied by the percentage of the effort. Impact – The new salary caps are changed to eFECS to reflect: this wage limitation applies to the basic institutional rate. As a result, salary limits are applied in relation to the ETP and the percentage of effort charged at a premium. As noted above, NIH salary cap cost-sharing amounts are billed to corresponding X/V/assignment accounts. In some cases, several faculty members may work on a project within the same department/department, and the resulting cost-sharing for these individuals will be reserved on the corresponding X/V accounts through HRMS treatments. Some faculty members may finance their cost-sharing from different accounts/sources from the debit accounts assigned to the department`s X/V/assignment accounts. In these situations, the academic department is responsible for redistributing these amounts to the department`s X/V/dotations accounts through journal entries to each faculty member`s funding/source account (use BUOB 50). Where can I find the relevant documents: HereWho receives this message: GMs, ADFs, Center, SPA and Finance StaffWho contact for any questions: For any questions regarding the new salary cap and its use, please contact your SPA representative for optimized applications, including modular NIH grant applications and all non-competing applications (continued) that are in effect (z.B.