Regional Forest Agreements Vic

The scientific committee established by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) was made up of independent scientific experts who provided advice and recommendations to the Victorian government to improve Victoria`s regional forest agreements and forest management system. The RFAs have repealed federal monitoring of the impact of logging on „issues of national environmental importance“ under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999), for example. B the national endangered species in Victoria`s forests. The remaining remains was therefore that the outdated national regulatory regime, which does not have appropriate binding rules for the protection of wild animals in slaughter areas, does not protect endangered species from further decline and is often not implemented. One of the fundamental foundations of the FRG system should be the establishment of a network of reserves to adequately protect victoria forest biodiversity, known as the Comprehensive, Appropriate and Representative Reserve System (CAR). Today, the RFAs are legally uncertain and fail in practice. Their problems cannot be solved under the FRG, as agreements are based on incremental changes and not on catastrophic events. They do not contain any mechanism to completely change the terms of the agreement to restore the balance between conservation and production required by fires. The consequences of fires and the impact on car reserves also raise legal questions about whether the agreements remain binding, whether the RFAs are valid and whether derogations from the Environmental and Biodiversity Protection Act 1999, which is based on the FRGs, continue to apply. In Tasmania, a logging operation managed in accordance with an FRG is not subject to environmental approvals, otherwise required by the Environmental protection and biodiversity law, or to the protection of rare or threatened species listed in the CAR reserve system. The agreement was supplemented in 2007 by a conclusive presumption that „the parties agree that the CAR reserve system established under this agreement and the application of management strategies and management rules developed within Tasmania`s forest management systems protect rare and threatened animal and plant species and forest communities.“