Canada Yukon Immigration Agreement

1.1 Both parties recognize that Yukon has specific labour market needs and circumstances and that they may be included in the Yukon nominative program, unless they are inconsistent with national immigration policies and legislation. 6.6 If new rules for the reorientation of housing and integration services, including management, supply and funding, were to be adopted, the management and integration roles and responsibilities of Canada and Yukon could be annexed to this agreement or a separate agreement. 1.12. CONSIDERING that Canada and the Yukon welcome immigrants, recognize their contribution to the demographic, social, humanitarian and economic objectives of the country and territory, and recognize the long-term benefits of immigration; 1.4 While in paragraph 3, paragraph 1, point a), of the IRPA, one of the objectives of the Act is to „enable Canada to maximize the social, cultural and economic benefits of immigration,“ the parties agree that an annex to the Temporary Foreign Worker Agreement (TFW) will support Yukon`s unique economic and social needs, which in turn will support Yukon`s unique economic and social needs. , has general social, cultural and economic benefits. 3.5 Canada, in agreement with the Yukon, will develop an annual delivery plan for national immigration objectives, including provincial nominees and annual targets for refugees receiving public assistance for the territory. 3.1 Canada will define Canada`s immigration policies and, in consultation with the provinces and territories, develop an annual immigration plan that will take into account Yukon`s immigration planning, including its demographic, social and economic objectives and Yukon`s specific needs. Applicants who are eligible to enter the federal express entry pool and wish to live and work in the Yukon can apply to the Yukon Express Entry Stream (YEE). Yukon added an Express Entry Flow to its existing immigration programs in March 2015. This electricity allows the province to name people who are already present in the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Pool Entry Express who have the necessary training, skilled work experience, language skills and other factors to help them successfully settle and integrate into the yukon labour market and communities. 5.2 Yukon will be responsible for evaluating provincial candidates, as described in Schedule A. Yukon will develop, if necessary, provincial program flows to meet its immigration needs. Canada will respect Yukon`s appointment decision, appointments do not violate the criteria authorized under the IRPA, the criteria for the provincial nominaire class defined in the regulations of the IRPA or a successor legislation, and the admission criteria established by the territory.

The processing and admission of Yukon-appointed applicants to Canada will be completed as soon as possible to achieve objectives built into Canada`s annual delivery plan. 7.7 All agreements or agreements between the contracting parties provide for the exchange or disclosure of personal data in accordance with: 3.5 Yukon`s annual plan for the appointment of provinces to Canada is provided in time for level planning for the following year. Canada is committed to including Yukon provincial objectives in the operational targets of visa offices. The objectives on which both parties will agree may be exceeded at any time during the year, after agreement between both parties. 3.3 Canada and Yukon recognize that the ability of all foreigners to work in the Yukon, to participate in their jobs and their respective communities, is essential to obtaining the economic and social benefits of immigration policies and programs.