Air Cargo Agreement

„Copy 4 (yellow)“ is the certification of the delivery of the cargo to the recipient. 12.1 The airline is only liable to the sender, recipient or any other person for the damage caused in the event of destruction of the loss or damage or delay of freight transport if the event that caused the damage suffered occurred during the course of transport under Article 1. 4.5 Responsibility for details: the sender is made available to the airline for information, for the accuracy of the information and statements relating to the transport letter he has inserted or on his behalf in the airline letter, or on his behalf. When this information is provided through electronic data exchange (EDI), it is the responsibility of the sender or the sender`s representative to verify the content, the accuracy and completeness of EDI messages and subsequent provisions 6.3.3, unless the contrary provisions or laws apply: in the event that a flight is cancelled, diverted, delayed, delayed or advanced in accordance with point 6.3.2 , or in a location other than the destination, or if the transport of a lot is cancelled, moved, delayed, anticipated or terminated, the airline is only responsible for losses or damage directly resulting from such events, if the carrier intends to cause such loss or damage, or loss, would likely result in delays. In the event that the transport of the shipment or part of it is interrupted, the delivery by the carrier to a transfer agent for the transfer or delivery or storage of the shipment is considered a full delivery under the transport contract and the airline assumes no other responsibility in this regard, unless it is informed of the decision of the shipment to the sender or the recipient at the address indicated in the letter air freight or shipping minutes. The carrier cannot, but is not, required to transmit the lot to transport by another route or to transmit the mail as the sender`s or recipient`s representative for transportation by a transport service on behalf of the sender or recipient. The cost is related to the cargo. 3.3.4 The carrier reserves the right to refuse the transport of unwrapped or marked goods. 11.2 This agreement establishes the entire agreement and agreement between the parties or any of them under the Aircraft Charter described here and replaces all previous assurances, agreements, conditions, negotiations and commitments made orally or in writing about them.