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Our fees cover the cost: — Managing your return – – if necessary – technical assistance – – in conjunction with the control of buildings or your approved inspector – issuing your letter of approval or your agreement A larger roof area increases the amount of surface water. It is best to maintain the additional volume on site to avoid an increasing risk of flooding elsewhere. Rainwater can be kept on site using a moving type or other means to soak it in the soil (called infiltration), or be stored and used for flushing toilets or garden irrigation (known as rainwater harvesting). Approved H provides advice on where soakaways are set up, their size and how they should be built. During this time, we will not be available to receive calls or postal applications. The most effective way to contact us is by email. The construction of an existing flow or channel can damage the pipes, causing them to drain or block, which can lead to olfactory nuisance, health problems and environmental damage. It also makes it more difficult to clear plugs and repair or replace faulty exits, which take time and are expensive. Therefore, if there is a flow below or near the proposed extension, it may be necessary to move or protect it, which may increase the cost of your project.

The normal way to do this is to extend the piping (known as the ventard) outwards, so that the end is open (but protected by a net to prevent birds). To prevent odours from entering a building, the open end of the ventilation hose must be extended by at least three metres to the side or up to 0.9 m above an opening in a building. Flow covers indicate exits. By lifting the lid, it may be possible to see the direction, size and depth of the pipes, but not enter the chamber (which can be filled with toxic gas) and ensure that the cover is replaced safely. Their construction work may require a building permit or a building permit from the municipality. Some works are covered by the development rights authorized by the owners or may not require a building permit (things like winter gardens, car ports and vets sometimes fall into this category). According to the government`s latest recommendations, we have decided to close our offices to prevent and slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. It is strongly recommended to advise yourself before the engagement or to start with a contractor, an architect, a drainage engineer or the local building control department. If self-certification is not realistic, you must follow this formal application and evaluation process to obtain our approval for the construction of our pipelines. However, it is important that none of these authorizations give you automatic consent to the construction or proximity of a water company`s sewers.

For this reason, we have a building above or near the team and process in place; Work with you to ensure that your development can continue, while ensuring that your property and sewers are protected. Hardstandings surface water must not flow on the highway, where it can cause accidents or nuisance. Additional rainwater pipes may be discharged onto the ground or into new or existing underground pipes. If you decide to drain rainwater pipes on the ground, you must ensure that the water does not damage the foundations (for example.B.