Uso Lp Agreement

USO`s net assets consist primarily of investments in futures contracts for light and soft crude oil, other types of crude oil, diesel oil, gasoline, natural gas and other petroleum fuels traded on NYMEX, ICE Futures or other U.S. and foreign exchanges (cumulative oil futures) and, to a lesser extent, to meet regulatory requirements or in accordance with market conditions, other oil-related assets, such as cash options on oil futures, oil futures, over-the-counter swap contracts and unlisted off-exchange transactions („Otc“), based on the price of oil , other petroleum-based fuels, oil futures and indices based on the aforementioned futures contracts (together: „Other oil-related investments“). Market conditions currently expected by the USCF could lead uSO to invest in other oil-related investments, including those that allow it to obtain more liquidity or conduct transactions at lower prices. USO invests most of its assets in futures contracts and supports these investments by holding the amounts of its margins, collateral and other requirements related to these commitments in short-term U.S. liabilities of two years or less („Treasuries“), means of payment and cash equivalents. USO`s daily stocks are available on the USO website at the After all this, the USO is currently unable to pursue its investment objective with the same success as in the past prior to the establishment of the market conditions described above. In addition, due to these market conditions, regulatory constraints imposed on USO and risk mitigation measures described below, there are considerable uncertainties about USO`s ability to achieve its investment objective at the same level as before. Specifically, the USO`s limited ability to invest in the Oil Futures Contract benchmark, as well as its investments in other oil futures contracts that the Benchmark Oil Futures Contract, has disappeared and could continue to affect USO`s performance and could make it difficult for USO to closely monitor the Oil Futures Contract benchmark or achieve its investment target, modifying the NAV for a period of 30 consecutive valuations in the coming days of more than 10% (10%) to achieve the objectives of objective 2 average daily change as a percentage of the price of the benchmark oil futures contract over the same period. The price differentials of the Benchmark Oil Futures Contract and USO per USO NAV share could, in the future and in the past, exceed more/minus 10% each day.